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Jura Rare Vintage 1988
A limited edition, extraordinary 30 year old single malt

Matured over decades, the Jura Rare Vintage 1988 captures the full depth of character of our island home. This rare spirit is first matured in small batch Bourbon barrels. delivering the perfect honey, vanilla, lemon cake and baked apple flavours that provide the base for this exceptional single malt.

To refine it even further and take it through to its peak of perfection, the spirit was then matured for several years in the finest hand selected 20 Years Old Tawny Port Pipes sourced from the Symington Family Estates. By retaining its cask strength, this extraordinary single malt whisky preserves all the charming, silky flavours of the aged port wine casks. Truly a spirit that reveals its depth of character crafted through time.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour
    Mahogany gold
  • Nose
    Black Forest fruits, coffee and blackberries
  • Taste
    Red berries, caramel and liquorice
  • Cask Finish
    Aged in small batch Bourbon barrels before transferring into 20 Years Old Tawny Port Pipes for several years
  • ABV
    ABV (Alcohol by Volume) - 53.5%
Our Craft

There's more to Jura Single Malt Whisky than water, barley and yeast. A little bit of our Island home, our community and passion makes it into every bottle.

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