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More than a Whisky

The character of our whisky comes from the character of our Scottish island. And every drop that's passed onto you is as bright and lively as the tiny island community of around 212 people, who all lend a hand in making Jura Whisky. See some of the many hands that pass Jura Whisky on from our island to you in our new advert below.

Captivated by our island home?

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Learn more about some of the beautiful places featured.

On the northern tip is the world’s third largest whirlpool, The Corryvreckan. Our iconic shaped bottle was created to withstand the perils of this treacherous stretch of water.

To the south is Whitefarland Bay, part of the island’s designated National Scenic Area. Its charm and untamed wildlife continue inland where beautiful lochs full of wild brown trout can be found. Small but perfectly formed, the village of Craighouse is home to our whisky distillery, shop, pub, tearoom, The Jura Hotel and most of our tiny island community of around 212 people. Here, the community spirit is passed almost hand to hand from the island to you.

Head west to discover The Paps of Jura, three unusually conical shaped mountains that embody the unique character of the island, its people and the whisky itself.

For everything you need to plan a trip to Jura visit Welcome to Jura.

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Meet some of our islanders

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Angie Greenhill

Angie, one of the island’s few childminders, looks after two lovely children whilst their parents work as part of Jura’s treasured whisky industry.

Her very first holiday with her husband was to the Isle of Skye and, from that visit, her love of Scottish Islands was born. When the opportunity to buy a house on Jura cropped up, they jumped at the chance to live on the island.

When asked who Angie would pass a bottle of Jura Whisky on to, she explained that she has a newly found appreciation for whisky since becoming an islander. So, if she was to pass a bottle of Jura to someone, she would give it back to herself!

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Joan Moran

Although Joan is retired, she keeps herself busy on Jura, managing changeovers at a holiday house once a week and playing an active role as an elected member of the annual Jura Music Festival.

In 1975 she made the move from Clydebank to Jura with her young family, when her husband secured work in the Jura Distillery. She’s lived here ever since and calls Jura home.

When asked who Joan would pass a bottle of Jura Whisky on to, she said that she would pass it to her late mother so they could enjoy the ‘craic’ together once again. Her mother visited Jura a few times over the years and shared her daughter’s love for the island. She did enjoy a good whisky too!

Looking for ideas to 'mix it up'?

Maybe neat whisky isn’t your thing. Or maybe you want to switch it up a little. Either way, these cocktails are perfect for enjoying Jura with a stylish twist.

Looking for ideas to 'mix it up'?

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The Jura Sunset, using our 10 Year Old is a zesty twist on a spritz.

  • 25ml Jura Aged 10 Years
  • 25ml Aperol®
  • Plenty of ice cubes
  • Indian tonic water
  • A wheel of fresh orange

Fill a copa glass with ice, pour over the Jura Whisky, add the Aperol and top up with tonic water. Garnish it with a wheel of fresh orange and enjoy!

APEROL is a registered trade mark of The Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A.

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JURA Old Fashioned

Our “1810 Old Fashioned”, named after the year that our distillery was established.

  • 50ml Jura Aged 14 Years American Rye Cask
  • Barspoon of brown sugar
  • 5ml water
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters
  • Ice
  • 1 twist of orange peel

Add a barspoon of brown sugar to your rocks glass, saturate with orange bitters and dissolve with water. Next add ice, Jura 14 Year Old American Rye Cask and stir until chilled, garnish with a twist of orange peel. Slàinte!

So, while it takes an island to make our whisky, you don't have to cross the water to experience our spirit, find your next Jura bottle from one of our stockists.

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Come over and join us sometime

Our distillery doors are open once again for tours from 5th September 2022 and, in our visitor centre, you can sample the delights of our whiskies between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Tour places are limited so, if you’re planning a visit, please book in advance and we’ll look forward to seeing you.

For further details and booking information, please visit our tours page.


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