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Exclusive to Global Travellers, the Jura Islanders’ Expressions Collection is a series of whiskies inspired by some of the creative collective among our tiny island community. Each whisky showcases the resourcefulness and originality of our islanders’ craftsmanship. The first is a collaboration with Amy Dunnachie, aka Amy Finds.

Outside the bottle, we showcase a handmade pin made by Amy, formed from copper and rope washed up from afar on Jura’s shores. Inside the bottle, the whisky reflects the vibrancy of Amy’s work, combining our bright and lively character with the tropical fruit, warming sweet spice and richness from a finish in ex-rum casks from Barbados.

The whisky brings together the best of Jura and the best of Barbados, using ex-rum casks to instil an intense Caribbean flavour while keeping our roots firmly in Scotland. Amy’s artistic expression binds it all together; an inspiration for creativity and something new for this limited edition whisky.


Tasting notes


Golden Bronze


Rich tropical fruit, citrus, coconut, vanilla and nectarine


Enticing sweet notes of grilled peaches, bananas, passion fruit, papaya, and mango, balanced with a creamy finish with warm sweet spice and a lingering richness.


Islanders’ Expression No.1 is finished in ex rum casks from Barbados



Watch the JURA Islanders' ExpressionS No.1 film BELOW

Getting to know Amy Dunnachie

How did you get into jewellery, art and craft making?

As a child, I always felt most at home whenever I was doing something creative. I think I was quite a daydreamer and I liked to have an outlet for imagination and stories. I was really fortunate that when I was growing up, there was a programme called GOALS that encouraged young people to think about different universities and colleges - and so I remember going to visit the Glasgow School of Art through this programme and realised that that was exactly what I wanted to do. I did a general portfolio course there to begin with and had the chance to visit all the different studios, and the Silversmithing and Jewellery department won me over entirely! It was hands on, messy, loud, fun and chaotic - I loved it.

What inspires you on Jura?

I’m supposed to say ‘the isolation and the beauty’ but that’s not really it at all. I feel inspired by the relationships I have with my community, the stories people tell about mischievous years gone by, the laughter and humour people have here, the heritage, the wildness and the resourcefulness of islanders.

What inspires you in the wider world? Have you been influenced by any travels you’ve done?

I’m inspired generally by human relationships to other humans, themselves and other things - whether that’s landscape, history, ideas about the environment… ‘connection’ is a big theme in both my jewellery and socially engaged practice and if you can’t connect to something, how will you ever feel the fire in your belly?! I’ve travelled a fair bit through reading and am lucky that I've seen rather a lot of my home turf of Scotland. To get to know your own space deeply is a wild and wondrous thing that will always be inspiring for me. (That said, I would love to travel a bit further afield too in the future!)

How important is sustainable art?

As important as sustainable anything. The nifty thing about art is that it can both capture and cultivate imagination, and imagination can give us drive, purpose and a different perspective. The more often we have sustainable art that talks about sustainable practice, the more energy we’ll have for our imaginations to support a more positive and innovative route through the climate crisis.

What about this product are you excited by?

I’m excited that a big global brand looked close to home and found a wee artist to work with! I’m excited that local skillsets are being recognised and celebrated and i’m delighted to be a small part of that.

“To get to know your own space deeply is a wild and wondrous thing that will always be inspiring for me.”

Why do collaborations like this matter to creatives?

I feel that collaborations work best when everyone can find something valuable and transformational in the exchange of ideas and visions and, again, it’s an imagination thing - when you work with people who aren’t in your professional field, you learn so much more about the wider picture and hopefully it inspires you to work or think in new and exciting ways. The creative industry is a difficult one to find security in at the best of times, especially when you live on an island, and speaking as a creative who works in various different settings (initially out of necessity and now out of desire) I find it makes for a much richer, fuller practice.

If you had one message for an aspiring creative, what would it be?

It’s a cliche but ‘Be Yourself’. Work hard on finding the joy in what you do, collaborate with people you respect, question things that bother you, be open to different perspectives… and the rest will come along.

Are you a fan of rum? What would be your ‘perfect drink’?

I am indeed a fan, and love the mixability that comes with rum. You can explore different ways of enjoying it, with my favourite being a mix of rum and tropical flavours.

How does creativity and whisky link together for you?

Whisky has a firm place in Scottish culture and history, and the creative link for me is in the quality of the storytelling.

“Collaborate with people you respect, question things that bother you, be open to different perspectives… and the rest will come along.”

More from Amy

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