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14 Year Old American Rye Cask
A smooth and warming single malt with layered spice, aromatic, herbal and floral qualities

Jura 14 Year Old American Rye Cask is a celebration of Jura’s bright community spirit; a close-knit group of around 212 individuals, whether you are coming from near or far, you can always rely on a warm welcome from this tiny island community. Every time you pour a glass, you’re raising a dram with the islanders who have a hand in making it and with every rye-spiced sip you will taste Jura’s bright and characterful spirit. A gift from our tiny island community to you.

Matured in American white oak ex bourbon and hand selected American Rye barrels, the casks deliver depth and complexity to our 14-year-old single malt with layered spice, aromatic, herbal and floral qualities.

Tasting Notes
  • Colour
    Warm gold
  • Nose
    Our classic fresh citrus and vanilla character is balanced with the herbal and floral aromas of the American Rye barrels, delivering aromas of mango, fresh mint and crushed almonds.
  • Taste
    On the palate, you’ll taste toffee apple richness and pecan pie with layers of cinnamon, vibrant vanilla, honey, cacao and hazelnut.
  • Cask Finish
    Warm and nutty with notes of toffee, maple syrup, guava and soft wood spices.
  • ABV
Market Availability

Jura 14 Year Old American Rye Cask is available to buy in the United Kingdom

Our Craft

here's more to Jura Single Malt Whisky than water, barley and yeast. A little bit of our Island home, our community and passion makes it into every bottle.

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