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Life can be challenging on a rural Scottish island, but with every challenge comes a reward and we wouldn’t have it any other way. On Jura, you will find, one single track road, one pub and one whisky distillery, all powered by our tiny island community of just around 212 people (at last count).

Community Distillery Workers


Our distillery was founded in 1810, at a time when the island was home to more than a thousand people. However, from 1901 fortunes changed on Jura, compounded by two World Wars, the roof came off the distillery and it fell into disrepair, taking with it many jobs from the island. However, seeing an opportunity to bring life back to the island, local landowners, Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith decided to enlist some help of blender Charles MacKinlay & Co and the famous distillery designer, William Delme-Evans, to start work rebuilding the distillery. In 1963, Jura distillery once again opened its doors and with it came new jobs to the island. 

Drink It In


Inspired by our history and our island home, today, our tiny island community creates single malt with a true passion for the craft of whisky making. Our community regularly feature on our social media channels. To hear more from them on island life, follow us @jurawhisky on Instagram @JuraWhisky on Facebook



We are proud of who we are and where we are from, that’s why each intrepid visitor to Jura is welcomed with open arms.

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Our bright, smooth and lively whiskies reflect the unwavering passion and tenacity of the islanders, so they taste distinctively better because they matter more to those who make them. We make whisky but our whisky also makes us.