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One Island

Welcome to Jura, a remote island off the West Coast of Scotland. Only 60 miles from the mainland yet it feels like an entire world away; an ancient landscape of wild mountains, peaceful lochs and stormy seas. With just one road, one pub, one whisky distillery and a very distinct micro-climate, it’s not the easiest place to make whisky, but we believe it’s the best.



The 30-mile-long and seven-mile-wide island is framed by the wild waters of the Atlantic on its west coast, while the east is home to serene bays, seals and sea eagles. Journey to the north west of Jura and you’ll be meet the rugged coastline of our island home, where there is nowhere wilder than the world’s third largest whirlpool, The Corryvreckan. As beautiful as it is dangerous, the Royal Navy considers it to be one of the most treacherous stretches of water in the British Isles. We created our iconic shaped bottle to withstand the perils of such dangerous crossings.

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When you look back at our Island’s humble coastline, you see an epic landscape of dramatic mountains, overlooking the trees, fields and lochs that sit below it. To the south east coast you will find the village of Craighouse. Small but perfectly formed, this is the island’s only village, and home to our pub, hotel, shop and most of our tiny island community of 212 people. This is also where you will find our whisky distillery - the beating heart of our community, our whisky a source of pride and prosperity for generations to come.