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Our Craft

There's more to Jura Single Malt Whisky than water, barley and yeast. A little bit of our Island home, our community and passion makes it into every bottle.

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Pure Water

Like most things in life, it’s about the journey, not the destination. And ours starts with the water source for our incredible whisky, right at the top of the tallest mountain range on our island, The Paps of Jura. The water, or sometimes snow, filters down the mountain range and into the Market Loch below. It’s this water that then makes its way down to the distillery via streams and waterfalls to help shape our unique Single Malt.

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Standing Tall

We have some of the tallest stills of any island distillery. Shipping them here to our remote Island home wasn't easy. However, the taller the stills the purer the spirit.

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It takes time to make great-tasting whisky and it all starts with sourcing quality ingredients. We source the best barrels from around the world to mature our unique island malt.

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Our Icon

Our iconic, seafaring bottles with their broad shoulders and rounded edges were historically designed to withstand the roughest of journeys by sea from our island home to the furthermost corners of the globe.