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Seven woods.
One Unique flavour.

Seven woods.
One Unique flavour.

A remarkable ingenuity defines the people of Jura; an ability to reimagine and reinvent that has allowed our Distillery and its working community to thrive.

Such vision has been brought to life through this complex single malt. 

Introducing Jura Seven Wood

For me, creating an expression such as Jura Seven Wood is like creating a special meal. It’s essential to understand how the combination of woods can create these compelling flavours. At the heart of Seven Wood, we are accentuating the DNA of Jura’s light character; the oak types should not dominate but enhance the natural qualities of Jura while imparting some of their flavour on our single malt. Balance is crucial.

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Jura Seven Wood is internationally recognised as a well-rounded and balanced whisky. An aromatic fusion of ginger spice, caramelised peach and a touch of smoke, pour yourself a glass and see what flavours you find.

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Tasting Notes



Mahogany gold


An aromatic fusion of coffee, ginger spice and a hint of milk chocolate


Caramelised peach, chewy liquorice and candied orange with a hint of sea-spray and smoke


Jura Seven Wood has been shaped by seven separate Oak woods: first-fill ex-bourbon American White Oak, Limousin, Troncais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles & Les Bertranges barrels



Complementing the spice of Seven Wood with the cooling note of cucumber. The water cleanses the palate before each complex coating of Seven Wood.

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Simple and yet complex, like this whisky, the oak notes of all seven woods are harmonised and lifted with the addition of oaked white wine with a hint of peach.

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