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Meet Graham

Our Distillery Manager

Graham Logan started working at Jura Distillery as a trainee mashman one cold Sunday night in November 1991. Under the watchful eye of his trainer Kenneth, Graham learned about malt and how to extract the sugars. This was just the first step on his long journey to mastering the time-honored craft of whisky distillation. Over the next two and a half decades, Graham worked in every department at the distillery, mastering each stage of production. Today, Graham is now proudly our Distillery Manager.

Even after 25 years, Graham admits that every day presents a new challenge and reward. He takes pride in the whisky he and his talented team of distillers produce and their passion is as much a part of what makes Jura Whisky unique as the incredibly tall stills that give it its smooth delicate flavor.

From the first day that Graham moved to Jura, he was blown away by the Island. “I love walking to our water source at the Market Loch, from the Loch you can’t see any houses or buildings just wildlife and mountains. Then you realise how vast and empty Jura is and the magic that creates.”

So what advice would Graham give to someone thinking about becoming a whisky distiller? “I would recommend it to anyone; be prepared to start at the bottom, work hard and across all departments to gain the knowledge. It is a lifelong career and very rewarding.”

To learn more about Graham and his life as our Distillery Manager, have a listen to Graham’s story in the Live from the Sample room podcast. Click here to listen now on all major streaming platforms.